Accepting Donations for medical expenses

I’ve been away for a long time, as few of you might already know about my health conditions, I’ve been under treatment for basal cell carcinoma along with liver cirrhosis for about 2 years now and my medical insurance company has been really helpful, but since this February I’ve been under going weekly dialysis sessions and under the stress of cancer medications both my kidneys and my already weakend liver are being highly affected and my insurance company is not paying for these weekly (sometimes biweekly) dialysis sessions and other alternative treatments, although I’ve never asked for money or any kind of help before but under all these circumstances me and my family are under a lot of financial dept already, even raising a small amount of funds here will help me and my health a lot. I’m already feeling ashamed typing all this here, if you or any of your friends decide to lend a helping hand, you can mail me directly or to my paypal account on this email id:

Donation I $10.00 USD
Donation II $100.00 USD
Donation III $1,000.00 USD
Donation IIII $2,000.00 USD